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To Kill a Mockingbird (1962, Robert Mulligan) Incredible child actors, inspiring photography.

City Lights (1931, Charlie Chaplin) Best last line ever, always induces a healthy cry.

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (1957, John Huston) Simply a great character study.

Breathless (1960, Jean-Luc Godard) A wonderful inspiration for those who want to pick up a camera and tell their own story.

The 400 Blows (1959, Francois Truffaut) Personal storytelling at its best.

Barry Lyndon (1975, Stanley Kubrick) The photography is breathtaking!

Lawrence of Arabia (1962, David Lean) Top notch in every department: acting, writing, directing, music, photography, editing, and everything else.

Jaws (1975, Steven Spielberg) A master in his energetic youth; always an education.

ItalianAmerican (1974, Martin Scorsese) A filmmaker's film, enjoyable and inspiring, and captures a Little Italy that's fading fast.

Apocalypse Now (1979, Francis Ford Coppola) A masterpiece from the quintessential intellectual artist.